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through the legacy of Robert Cochrane

The Ash Tree

--- by Roy Bowers

I am what ye think me to be
I am what ye consider of thyself.
I am myself and thou as thou art
And will be……time come.
I am Robin, and more of that, with less.
I am that without form
And that without force,Yet form and force I be.

I am the loved and beloved
I am the lover and his mate
I am the whole and the part.
I am compassion healing pain
I am diamond cutting stone hearts.
I am a mirror without reflection.
I am the well without water,
From which all must drink.
I am words, love and words
Yea! but never speak.

I am pain, grief, sorrow and tears,
The rack, the noose, the stake.
The flayer and the flayed.
The hunter and the hunted
I am the head without a body
I am the body without a head
Yea! All this and still I am whole.

I am night and sleepless fear
I am fear.
Thou must conquer me to release thy soul.
I am peace, compassion now if ye understand
I am turned about, then turned again
Three times three, times 13 I turn
Then still more, and more
For the hare escape me not.
I am the dead, the living dead, the dead that talk
I am the born, the unborn, the completed cycle.
I am a root, a leaf, a tree

I grow upon memory of past, present and future.
All things are mould for me.
My top rests in eternity, I am the breast of infant suckling [Fate?]
My loves kind embrace
Constant, ever demanding
Yet I be fickle withal
For all knows me and have laid upon my breasts
Yet few have had me and they are dead.
Secret I be, secret am, secret for evermore.

Yea, but a plated host marcheth at my skirt
For I am mighty as the berserkers knew me
My nostrils are full of the scent of blood.
For the dead are heaped to honour my rage.
I am weak as woman knows me.
In that is the fullness of my strength
I am desire,
I am love.
I am the first created the first of all Sin.
Behold I am She!

--- written after a meeting in 1963 by Roy Bowers)