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through the legacy of Robert Cochrane
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Rublev's Trinty -- In a Craft Light -- by Graeme Shackleford

The collection of texts known today as the Nag Hammadi Library are thought to have been buried by members of a desert community when the orthodox Church began its suppression of what we call Gnosticism.

Letters & Articles -- by Roy Bowers Letters and articles written over several years in the early 1960's. --more-- 
The Ash Tree -- by Roy Bowers A poem from 1963 --more-- 
Tubelo's Green Fire -- by Shani Oates Mythos, Ethos, Female, Male & Priestly Mysteries of the Clan of Tubal Cain. This book explores historical and contemporary ideas of witchcraft through the perspective of the Clan of Tubal Cain - a closed Initiatory group aligned to the Shadow Mysteries within the Luciferian stream. As students of arte we mediate the ancestral stream, teaching through practice with the sacred tenets of Truth, Love and Beauty. The Word is thus manifest in deed and vision. --more-- 
Smithcraft and the Cunning Art -- by Shani Oates

ANVIL: Old English: anfealt ---- Gives us the modern English word anvil which is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *pel-

If we study the origin of the word anvil as an attempt to learn why the smith and smith craft is venerated so much, there is an abundance of astonishing information and confirmation as to the magical and possible priestly/kingly role of a person who is able to fashion by force of wit and will a weapon to defend and a plough to plunder and fecund the earth. --more--
Tubal Cain and the Dolorous Spear -- by Ian Chambers “There has been a great deal of speculation and interesting cogitation with regards the first Biblical smith and his significance in Craft circles. With Robert Cochrane’s craft legacy drawing much attention in the public arena, theories abound and the internet makes available all information, whether it is plagiarised or plain wrong.” --more--
The Profane Art of Masking -- by Shani Oates A Study into the Darker Elements of our Winter Masking and Guising Rituals. --- What is a mask, actually? Magically, a mask is understood to represent three characters: the wearer, the personage it represents and the spirit that synthesises the two. --more--
Viridios -- Gems of Wisdom Listed here are forty honorary gems of wisdom, each a pearl, formed from the Great Sea of Binah, the well spring of creation. --more--
Siren Song -- by Ian Chambers “The sons of man, and even the spirits and demons, went astray after her…. She is alive to this day, and her dwelling is among the waves of the Great Sea.” --more--
The Lady of the Rose Garden -- by Ian Chambers “And as in the morning the rose opens, receiving the dew from heaven and the sun, so Mary’s soul did open and receive Christ in the heavenly dew”, Examples of knotted cord used in bewitchment were discovered in the 19th Century and are frequently called ‘Witch’s Ladders’, a term of unknown origin, or ‘garters’. --more--
Ciphers and Symbols Used By Robert Cochrane -- by Robin the Dart Over the course of the seven years both Shani and myself knew and studied with Evan John Jones, former Magister of the Clan of Tubal Cain, he taught us many curious things, many of which seemed initially to have little use of relevance to what we were doing. He insisted that their subtleties woven into the greater fabric of the structure and mythos of the Craft of the people of Goda must be slowly assimilated over a period of no less than seven years to allow them to become fully immersed in our psyches. For that reason, he insisted that we must be the ones, not he to instruct our initiates. --more--
The Robert Cochrane Tradition -- by Michael Howard In June 1966 a young man who used the nom-de-plume ‘Robert Cochrane’ took his own life in mysterious circumstances. He was one of the most fascinating, enigmatic and controversial figures in the modern witchcraft revival. --more--

A Poisoned Chalice -- by Gavin Semple

Posted here and offered for your reading by the kind permission of Gavin Semple. (This is a PDF and requires a PDF reader such as Acrobat.)

In recent years Robert Cochrane, Magister of the Clan of Tubal-Cain, has attained iconic status in the Craft, and numerous stories have circulated about the circumstances of his death. The generally accepted version seems to be that he killed himself in a ritual suicide using Belladonna at Midsummer 1966, reenacting the death of the Divine King, a willing sacrifice to remit his own errors and those of his people, and to secure the fertility of his dominion.--more--
Role of a Magister -- by Robin the Dart A Magister’s role is much acclaimed, coveted by many straining under the impression that it is somehow thrilling. I can only approach this explanation from my own perspective in saying that indeed it is not. It is quite an unenviable post, wrought as it is by self-sacrifice, hard work and grave responsibility. --more--
St. Uzec and the Mysteries of Tubal Cain -- by Shani Oates In ‘Roebuck in the Thicket’ 1 E. J. Jones develops his explanation of the Male and Female Mysteries of the Clan of Tubal Cain. Specifically, he mentions the division of The Clan [of Tubal Cain] into holders of the Male and Female Mysteries headed by The Maid and The Magister respectively. A third section of the ‘Faith’ that encapsulated the ‘Priestly Mysteries’ was claimed by Cochrane to have been lost ‘a long time ago.’ E. J. Jones taught me this was his bemoaning of an acute lack of spirituality within Craft practices extant during the 60’s, such that their recovery would present an arduous and grueling Quest. --more--
Rosa Mundi -- by Shani Oates The enigmatic beauty and mystery of the rose has captivated lovers, artists poets and philosophers for thousands of years. . --more--
I Am That I Am -- by Shani Oates An observation into the shifting semantics of definition. According to definitions found in Wikipedia [there are other more academic versions, but these suit well enough the purpose of this essay], Ehyeh, asher ehyeh is often taken to mean: ‘I am who I am,’ or ‘I am who I will be’ or even ‘I shall be that I shall be.’ . --more--
Musings on the Sacred -- by Shani Oates First, there is the use of Mantra - Sanskrit for ‘sacred utterance’. All Hindu and Tantric Buddhist rituals are accompanied by ‘Mantras’, whether uttered aloud or silently, ranging in length from a single syllable to a whole hymn. --more--
Cain: an agricultural myth? -- by Robin the Dart After the rise of Boötes [the ‘ploughman’ – see Plough Monday TC 123] into the hoary, bleak skies of winter, a meteor shower rains profusely across the northern regions, poetically ‘seeding’ the hungry earth, ripe for the first ploughing --more--
Plough Monday -- by Robin the Dart Recently, during a visit to some colleagues in Yorkshire [yes life really does exist past Watford] we performed a ritual for a friend. Convivial but hard drinkers, they speak openly, talking of a world, a time, and people, long gone. --more--
The Descent of Inanna -- by Shani Oates The true origins of the infamous ‘dance of the seven veils’ supposedly danced by Salome for the head of John the Baptist is indeed a mystery. It is believed by many scholars to have most probably derived from cumulative Judaic and eastern myths and folklore. . --more--
The Coal Black Smith -- by Ian Chambers Tubal Cain, tutelary deity of the Clan of His name, has a place now in modern Traditional Witchcraft, possibly originating out of a comment in The White Goddess by Robert Graves. In this part of The White Goddess, Graves is talking of the “love-chase” (The Case Song transcribed from the famous trial of Isobel Gowdie) and the transformative procession that takes place between the “Divel” and “Our Lady”. --more--
Beyond the Realms of Death -- by Robin the Dart The People of Goda, the Clan of Tubal Cain are a Luciferian, ancestor worshiping tradition and is not just a mouth full, it is difficult for people to comprehend. So it is not an easy thing to explain to outsiders this simple truism. --more--
Make It So -- by Shani Oates

The Burden of Proof and the Limitations of Language.

For millennia, great poets and orators, recognizing the intrinsic power of the spoken word have exploited its emotive, transformative and spell-binding qualities to affect the listener in ways that a simple visual reading of a text cannot actuate --more--

Probus Lectio -- Good Reading Though by no means considered definitive, this list assures the reader a sound and reputable basis upon which to build their own resource library, where each book reveals yet another potential reference section...--more--
IN LUX VERITATIS-- Light of Truth Since when did the sacred become so profane? Ongoing claims announced in the public arena over the past year against Clan of Tubal Cain along with allegations against the Maid, Shani Oates have necessitated this regrettable public response....--more--
IN LUX VERITATIS II-- A Moment of Clarity DO WHAT IS NECESSARY! Current events move me to present a moment of clarity. As Magister of the Clan of Tubal Cain, I address my duty according to Clan Law as declared by Robert Cochrane. I use that authority to preserve and protect those whom I am sworn to shield from whatever harm is meted, from whatever quarter. --more--