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Open Letter From The Magister -- by Robin the Dart

[In response to adverse media saturation by Carol Stuart Jones and Blackthorn]

In light of recent claims made within certain media concerning the lineage status of Clan of Tubal Cain, I Robin the Dart, Magister of Tubal Cain, make this single, public and official statement, which shall be distributed throughout whatever media is made available to us.

As Magister of [the] Clan [of] Tubal Cain, I am duty bound to now respond to the public declaration by Carol [Stuart] Jones regarding her spurious claims to any title in association with the Clan. In his final act as Magister of [the] Clan [of] Tubal Cain, E.J. Jones passed back the Magister’s Handstaff to The Maid (Shani Oates) appointed (and witnessed) by E.J. Jones. This Handstaff was then passed directly to myself with the gravid instruction that I held it in her name, her defense and bound to it by Clan ‘Law’ (expressed elsewhere by Robert Cochrane). In accordance with that ‘Law’ it has regrettably become ‘necessary’ to demand that Ms Jones either makes publicly available evidence that supports her self-promotion campaign or withdraw the entire fiction from all records.

This evidence should be open to validation from those closest to E. J. Jones and to independent inspection of both legal and peer denominations. The Clan is happily obliged to conform to the same scrutiny. Though this is not to prove who we are as E.J. Jones made this clear enough, but to show how and why those other claims are entirely false and without substance. We have an abundance of substantive qualification on this matter from various sources, including E.J. Jones’ own confirmation of our appointment (immediately prior to his death in August 2003) and blessing as legitimate heirs to [the] Clan [of] Tubal Cain. Interested parties are advised to look at the last public declaration by the former Magister, Evan John Jones in The Cauldron # 107 in which he confirms the passing of Virtue to Shani Oates in completion of that process through the Old Covenant, and to look then at a letter by ‘CJ’ in TC#109 in which she describes her Initiation into the Clan by myself, not by E. J. Jones as claimed elsewhere.

Along with the Clan title, he furnished us accordingly with the declaration in writing, the attendant Regalia, how the procedure is executed, the due Rite, principles and mythos, working tenets, including the Four Arts of the Magister, Document of the Old Covenant and teaching materials running to a whole filing cabinet. Of these, the material most relevant is that which clearly demonstrates the Clan (served by one Maid) as distinct from Wicca (served by any number of High Priestess’). This material is obviously contra to the spurious claims of Ms Jones. Our material also confirms witnessed proof (by E. J. Jones and others) of her necessary expulsion from the Clan also by myself, which eventually took place in 2005. Carol [Stuart] Jones’ initiatory status within Clan of Tubal Cain was voided upon her expulsion from Clan of Tubal Cain. Unlike Wicca, this status exists only within the bounds of the Clan which is by its definition a ‘family’ and not an occult order, fraternity, movement, organization etc. She walked away with only that she came to us with.

She is naturally free to promote herself and her works, but not under the banner of the Clan. Ms Jones was NEVER [a] Maid and I challenge her to prove otherwise!